Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority
New Bus Stop - Sunset Lake, OB
Sunset Lake, Oak Bluffs

One of the goals of the VTA is traffic mitigation.  To help facilitate the flow of traffic in Oak Bluffs, we have decided to consolidate some of the stops in the area between the Harbor and Sunset Lake.  As Routes 7, 9, and 13 come into Oak Bluffs on New York Avenue, stops will be limited to the top end of Chestnut Ave (by Lawrence Ave) and the new stop at Sunset Lake just prior to Dukes County Ave.  Routes 9 and 13 will only stop near the Bath House by Our Market and again at the top of the hill just prior to Myrtle Ave as they depart Oak Bluffs for Vineyard Haven or the Hospital.

Please help us keep traffic moving and the buses on time by waiting at one of these designated bus stops for pickup in this area.

Sunset Lake Stop.jpg