Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority
Agricultural Fair Bus Service 8/16-8/19/18
Agricultural Fair Bus Service

August 16, 2018 – August 19, 2018

Vineyard Haven:

Vineyard Haven to Ag Fair:  15 past the hour from 10:15am – 10:15pm

Ag Fair to Vineyard Haven:  45 past the hour from 10:45am – 10:45pm


Church St. to Ag Fair:  14 past the hour from 10:14am – 10:14pm

Ag Fair to Church St.:  43 past the hour from 10:43am – 10:43pm

Oak Bluffs:

Oak Bluffs to Ag Fair:   Take Route #9, transfer at the Airport to the Ag Fair bus at 26 past the hour.

Ag Fair to Oak Bluffs:  Take Ag Fair bus at 43 past, transfer at Airport to Route #7.

Take the bus to the Fair and get $1.00 off your admission – be sure to have the driver stamp your hand!

Please note that normal routes that go by the Fairgrounds (#2, #4, #3) will not pull into the Fair, but will still drop passengers off near Panhandle Rd.

Note:  The Fair and the bus service end earlier in the evening on Sunday, August 19th.