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#2018-06 Generators

Awarded to: Authorized Services of New England ( ASNE), 410 Forest St., Suite 3, Marlborough, MA 01757

Legal Ad #2018-06.pdf
VTA #2018-06 Generators.pdf
VTA #2018-06 Bid Submission Sheet.xlsx
VTA #2018-06 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf

#2018-05 Electrical Services:.

Awarded to:  Willett Electric, Inc., 7 A Street, Unit 2, Edgartown, MA 02539

Legal Ad #2018-05.pdf
VTA #2018-05 Electrical Services.pdf
VTA #2018-05 Exhibit B - Prevailing Wage.pdf
VTA #2018-05 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf
VTA #2018-05 Draft Contract.pdf
VTA #2018-05 Bid Submission Sheet.xlsx

#2018-04 Energy Management Service - Onsite Generation:

Awarded to:  Borrego Solar, Inc., 55 Technology Drive, Suite 102, Lowell, MA 01851

Addendum 2 - VTA #2018-04.pdf
Addendum 1 -VTA #2018-04.pdf
Legal Ad 2018-04.pdf
VTA #2018-04 Energy Management Service - Onsite Generation.pdf
Appendix A1 - Respondent Informtion Form.pdf
Appendix A2 - Certificate of Non-Collusion.pdf
Appendix A3- Attestation Regarding Filing of Tax Returns.pdf
Appendix A4 - Certification of Corporate Authority.pdf
Appendix A5 - Submission Form -VTA Pricing Matrix.xlsx
Appendix B1 - VTA Initial Analysis.pdf
Appendix B2 - Initial VTA Analysis Pre- App Solar.pdf
Appendix B3 - Initial VTA Analysis Pre-App ESS.pdf
Appendix C - Canopy Specs.pdf
VTA #2018-04 Sample Contract.pdf

#2018-03  Invitation to Bid - Cleaning Services:

Awarded to:  Kathleen LeBlanc, PO Box 892, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Legal Ad #2018-03.pdf
VTA #2018-03 Cleaning Services.pdf
VTA #2018-03 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf
Submittal Form 2018-03.xlsx

#2018-02  Invitation to Bid:  Retail Space - Edgartown Visitors Center

Awarded to: Big Dipper Shops, PO Box 2364, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Legal Ad #2018-02.pdf
2018-02 ITB - Retail Space.pdf
Floor Plan - EVC.pdf
Addendum 1 #2018-02.pdf

#2018-01  Surplus Vehicles:  Closed

Legal Ad #2018-01.pdf
2018-01 Surplus Vehicle Bid.pdf

FY 2017

#2017-06  30' and 35' Electric Buses: Awarded

Awarded to:                 BYD Motors, Inc., 1800 A. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Award date:                 June 22, 2017
Award amount:           $2,517,668.24

Evaluation Results.pdf
VTA #2017-06 Legal Ad.pdf
VTA # 2017-06 Battery Electric Buses.pdf
VTA #2017-06 Required Compliance Certifications.doc
VTA #2017-06 Addendum 1.pdf
Addendum 1 - Pricing and Options Worksheet #2017-06.xlsx
VTA #2017-06 Addendum 2.pdf
VTA #2017-06 Addendum 3.pdf
VTA #2017-06 Addendum 4.pdf
VTA #2017-06 Reponses - New Flyer Approved Equals.pdf
VTA #2017-06 Repsonses - Proterra Approved Equals.pdf

#2017-05 Technical Assistance for All Facets of Electric Bus Fleet Implementation
                Including infrastructure, in-route charging, photovoltaic and energy storage:  Closed   

        Legal Ad 2017-05.pdf
VTA Project #2017-05.pdf
2017-05 Required Compliance Certifications0.pdf

#2017-04 Cleaning Services:  Closed

Legal Ad #2017-04.pdf
2017-04 Scope - Cleaning services.pdf
2017-04 Required Compliance Certifications.doc
Proposal Submittal Form 2017-04.docx

#2017-03 Management Services:  Closed

Legal Ad RFP #2017-03.pdf
RFP #2017-03 Management Services.pdf
2017-03 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf
2017-03 Exhibits A-D for RFP.xls
2017-03 Vendor Submittal Form.doc

#2017-02 Minivan and Minibus:  Closed

Legal Ad #2017-02.pdf
2017 -02 Specification.pdf
2017-02 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf
Pricing and Options Worksheet #2017-02.xlsx

        Responses to Approved Equals:
                Matthews Bus 2017-02 Approved Equals.pdf
                Dattco 2017-02 Approved Equals.pdf

#2017-01 Surplus Vehicles:  Closed

Legal Ad 2017-01.pdf
Surplus Vehicle & Equipment Bid 2017-01.pdf

FY 2016

#2016-07 Advertising (Re-issued):  Closed
Legal Ad #2016-07.pdf
#2016-07 Advertising.pdf
Required Compliance Certs.pdf

#2016-06 Rolling Stock:  Closed
Legal Ad #2016-06.pdf
Specification #2016-06.pdf
2016-06 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf
Addendum 1 #2016-06.pdf

#2016-05 Unleaded Fuel:  Closed
Unleaded Gasoline #2016-05.pdf
Legal Ad Unleaded #2016-05.pdf
Required Compliance Certs0.pdf
Submittal Form 2016-05.pdf

#2016-04 Advertising:  Closed
Legal Ad #2016-04.pdf
#2016-04 Advertising.pdf
Required Compliance Certs1.pdf

#2016-03 Surplus Equipment:  Closed
Legal Ad 2016-03.pdf
Surplus quipment Bid 2016-03.pdf

#2016-02 Surplus Vehicles:  Closed
Legal Ad 2016-02.pdf
Surplus Vehicle & Equipment Bid 2016-02.pdf

#2016-01 Alternate Fuel Assessment & Feasability Study: Closed
Legal Ad #2016-01.pdf
VTA Project #2016-01.pdf
Proposal Rating Sheet 2016-01.pdf
VTA Project #2016-01 Required Compliance Certifications.pdf

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