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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Do I need to bring my car to Martha’s Vineyard?
A:  No.  The VTA provides year-round Island-wide transportation.  VTA service is accessible from all ferry terminals and the MV Airport.  There are also  other means of transportation such as bicycle rentals, taxicabs and ride share services.

Q:  Can I see the whole Island using VTA transportation?
A:  Yes.  The VTA provides service to all six of the Island towns and travels down all major roads.  VTA routes cover most major points of interest, though we do not provide chartered or guided tours.  For more information visit the Schedules page of our site and read "How to See the Island in One Day".  

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Fares are $1.25 per town including town of origin during the off-season and $2.00 per town during the in-season.  Please refer to the "Fares" Section of our website for detailed information. The VTA also offers several cost-effective unlimited use passes:

1 Day Pass -    $8.00
3 Day Pass -    $18.00
7 Day Pass -    $30.00
31 Day Pass -   $60.00
Annual Pass -   $150.00

Passes run on calendar days ONLY from the first time they are validated (used).  Children age six and under ride for free when accompanied by an adult.  Seniors age 65+ and people with disabilities are entitled to discounted fares upon request.  Proof of age and/or disability is required.  Military discounts are available with valid active duty/valid retired duty ID card. There is no additional charge for pets or bicycles.

Q:  Do I need exact fare to board the bus?
A:  Exact fare is strongly suggested!  No CASH or COINS are returned from the farebox.  Change is given in the form of stored value cards, which are good for future ride usage only and are not redeemable for cash.  VTA fareboxes accept all American currency.  Please do not ask the driver for change, as they are not permitted to handle fares.  For more detailed information, visit our Fares page.

Q:  Does the bus meet the ferries?
A:  Yes.  The VTA makes every effort to meet the Steamship Authority arrivals and departures I Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs.  There is also a dedicated Park & Ride bus for the Vineyard Haven Steamship – for more details, visit the Schedule page.  No matter what season or what port you come into, there is always a bus stop nearby.

Q:  I am disabled, can I use the bus?
A:  Yes.  All VTA vehicles are handicap accessible.

Q:  Does the VTA provide service to the beaches?
A:  Yes.  Route # 8 services South Beach which on the Southern side of the Island.  Route #13 services State Beach with one drop off and pick up point located at the “Jaws Bridge.”  Routes #2 services Lambert’s Cove Beach.  Routes #4 and #5 service the up-island beaches.  For more detailed information visit the Maps or Schedules page.

Q:  Are food and drink allowed on the bus?
A:  Food that is packaged or in a container may be brought on the bus, but not eaten on the bus.  Ice cream cones/cups are not allowed on the bus.   Drinks must be in a sealed container.  Coffee in disposable cups are not allowed.  

Q:  Can I bring my bike on the bus?
A:  Yes.  VTA buses are equipped with a bicycle rack that can accommodate two or three bikes at a time, on a first come, first serve basis.  For safety reasons, bikes are not permitted inside the buses.  There is no extra charge for bringing your bike along.

Q:  Does the VTA service the airport?
A:  Yes.  Route #6, #7 and #9 service the airport year round.  For more detailed information, visit the Schedules page.

Q:  Are pets allowed on the bus?
A:  Yes.  Pets need to be on a leash or in a carrier in order to board the bus.  Pets are not allowed on seats at anytime.  

Q:  Do I have to be at a designated bus stop to catch the bus?
A:  It depends on the route. The Edgartown section of Route #1 is at designated stops only. Route #13 has one drop off and pick up point at the “Jaws Bridge" along the Beach Rd corridor. Along all other routes buses may be flagged anywhere along their route, as long as it is safe for them to stop.  If traveling at night, it is a good idea to bring a small flashlight to help flag the bus.

Q:  Do the buses have luggage racks?
A:  Yes.  All VTA vehicles have a luggage rack at the front of the bus.

Q:  Where can I buy a pass?  
A:  1 Day, 3 Day and 7 Day passes can be purchased on the bus, at either Steamship Authority terminal, at the Edgartown Visitors Center on Church Street, or from Ticket Sellers from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.   31 Day and Annual passes may be purchased at the Edgartown Visitors Center, at the VTA Operations Center at the Airport Business Park, or from Ticket Sellers from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.

Q:  Does the VTA charter buses or give tours?
A:  No, the VTA does not charter their buses or give tours. For information on local charter and tour companies, please refer to the Chamber of Commerce webiste -

Q:  What do I do if I left something on the bus?
A:  If you left something on a VTA bus, call the VTA Administrative Offices as soon as possible at (508) 693-9440 ext.7.  You will be asked what route or bus you were on, the time you think you lost the object, and a description of the article.  The VTA will take every step possible to help you locate your lost item.  If the item has to be shipped, you are responsible for all shipping costs.

Q:  What are the parking rates for the Tisbury Park & Ride?
A: The Town of Tisbury regulates the parking rates and restrictions for the Tisbury Park and Ride lot.  All questions should be directed to (508) 696-4200.  The bus service from the Park & Ride (Route #10) to the ferry and back is free.  For a complete schedule, visit the Schedules page.

Q:  Are your buses also the yellow school buses?
A:  No.  All VTA buses are white with purple logos.

Q:  I flagged the bus but it did not stop for me, why?
A:  If a bus does not stop when you flag it down, it could be for several reasons.  The driver may have felt it was an unsafe location to stop the bus or the bus was at capacity.  Should this happen, please call the VTA Administrative Offices at (508) 693-9440 ext.3 so we can help remedy the situation.

Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority
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