All VTA fixed-route buses have the following features:

• A ramp or lift to board
• A kneeler which can lower the bus
• A securement area for wheelchairs and other mobility devices
• Priority seating for people with disabilities
• Electronic signage on the front, side and rear exterior
• A bicycle rack on the front exterior
• An interior stop request sign
• Audio stop announcements

The VTA website has:

• A trip planning feature 
• A bus tracking feature 
• A customer feedback form 
• A language translation tool

Additional Services:

• The VTA provides Travel Training free of charge
• Service animals are allowed on all VTA vehicles and property.
• A recorded schedule line:  508-693-9440 ext.2
• Large print schedules available upon request

Contact Us:

The VTA welcomes your complaints, compliments and suggestions. We use customer input as a tool to improve the quality of service. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our riders. Please keep in mind that anonymous complaints cannot receive responses. If you experience a problem please contact us as soon as possible by calling 508-693-9440 ext.3 or by submitting a feedback form. The sooner you let us know about a problem, the easier it is for us to research what may have occurred and for us to respond back to you quickly.

When filing a complaint, please provide the following information:
• Your name, address and a contact number
• Date and time the incident occurred
• Details of the incident and bus/van number

VTA ADA Policy and Complaint Procedure:

Please visit the ADA section of our site to see our full policy.  If you wish to file an ADA complaint, please click here

Modifications to Policies and Procedures:

Every attempt will be made to fill requests for reasonable modifications of VTA Policies and Procedures to ensure service accessibility. Click here to learn more about Reasonable Modifications.