Annual Pass Wristbands!


Tape & ride with the new VTA Travel Wristbands!

Made of 100% waterproof silicone with an RFID card inside makes them flexible, comfortable and convenient!  

Wristbands are the same price as digital and physical card passes - all reduced fare options apply as well.  



Can I have a wristband in addition to my digital or physical card pass?

  - No, currently our system only allows for one form of annual pass per person.

Can I transfer my digital pass or physical card to a Wristband?

 - At this time we are able to convert physical cards to Wristbands, but not digital passes (working on it).  When this is done, the physical card is voided and the pass is transferred to your Wristband along with the remaining balance of days for your pass.

What if I lose my Wristband?

 - Like with a physical card pass, you should take a picture of the number on the Wristband - you can then replace the Wristband for a $15 fee with the picture of the lost one.

Can I swim with my Wristband?

 - While Wristbands are waterproof, we do not suggest submersing them in water.