Schedule Change Effective 10/3/21


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This off-season, the VTA will be offering On-Demand Transit to complement fixed-route bus service.  Please see below for details:

What is On-Demand Transit?

On-demand transit is technology-enabled shared public transportation service, intended to complement existing fixed route services in rural areas.  Trips can be requested in advance or same day.  On-demand transit is also a new way to expand transit service into the evening hours in areas after the traditional fixed route transit has run the last trip of the day.

On-demand transit trips may connect riders with their origin and destination directly, with their origin and the nearest bus stop, or a bus stop and their destination.

What locations are eligible for VTA On-Demand?

If your origin and/or destination are beyond 1/2 of a mile of the Route #1 and Route #13 corridors, your trip is eligible to be served by VTA On-Demand Transit.

Please note that Chappaquiddick is not an eligible location for this service yet.

How do I schedule an On-Demand Transit trip?

Call VTA Operations at 508-693-9440 (extension 1).  A VTA dispatcher will be happy to schedule your trip.  Trips may be requested in advance or same day.  Vehicle availability is limited, so calling in advance is highly recommended.  Timing of requested trips may need to be flexible.  All trip requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

What are the operating hours for VTA On-Demand Transit?

Trips may be booked for trip times between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm daily.  If your requested trip is close to the time of a fixed route trip, the VTA dispatcher will help plan your trip to use the fixed route as much as possible.  Calls for trip requests will be accepted from 8 am to 4 pm. 

Will my On-Demand Transit ride be shared?

Depending on other ride requests for the transit minibus, the VTA will optimize and group riders together for similarly routed trips.

How much does it cost to ride?

On-demand transit fares are charged by zone, which are the Island towns.  Each zone fare charge includes the zone or town of origin.  In cases where the origin or destination is very close to a zone boundary, the VTA may waive the first or last zone fare.  Our goal is to get you from your origin to your destination as best as possible with this service.

VTA annual pass holders will be charged $3 per town.  The zone fare for non-pass holders will be $5 per town.

How do I pay an On-Demand Transit fare?

For this season, VTA On-Demand Transit can be paid for with exact fare in cash only.  VTA fixed route passes are not valid for On-Demand travel.  In future seasons, the VTA will be adding electronic forms of fare payment.

What kind of vehicle will I be getting a ride in?

The VTA has minibuses for this responsive service.  The vehicles are smaller than typical buses, but have enough seating capacity inside to spread out and stow items like in a regular fixed route bus.  Minibuses are more nimble and can reach passengers down smaller Vineyard roads that the larger buses cannot travel on. 

Are VTA On-Demand Transit minibuses accessible?

Yes, all VTA minibuses are accessible.  Persons with mobility devices can be fully and safely accommodated by trained and certified vehicle operators.

Where can I find more information?

Additional information can be found on the VTA’s website or by calling the VTA at 508-693-9440.

In compliance with the Federal mandate for public transportation – face coverings are required on all VTA vehicles, including On-Demand Transit.